Vanija karana in astrology

by Yavanacharya proves that Yavanas related to astrology were not of Greek origin. Vishti 9. Chatushpada Naga Kimstughna. The first Karana of Vanija Karana: One born in Vanija Karana will be knowledgeable in many.
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Karasai As per Astrology, people of Karasai are punctilious. They divest in their aptitude not fortune. They attain their desired objective by hard work and effort. Vanisai People of Vanisai Karana are bright and smart. It is seen that they have an extreme interest in business and take this talent for earning funds. This Karana cast its negative nature about the person due to which the native might have a distrustful character. They may involve in immoral deeds.

Karana - The Profession Determining Factor of the Panchang

Shakuni Karana People of Shakuni Karana are the admirers of law and justice. They are very practical in solving conflicts.

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That means they can be very capable in terminating a quarrel with their cleverness. Chatushpada Karana Chatushpad Karana imparts spiritual feelings to its natives. Individuals born in Chatushpad Karana respect educated people and help animals. They are generally very fancier of animals and know how to dive at pets with medicine.

They can become successful animal doctors.

People born in Nag Karana may be have unlucky events. Their life may be full of struggles and problems. They will get results only through hard work and determination, and not through good fortune.

Karana Calculator

Natives of Nag Karan are usually very irritated. Kimstughna Karana People of Kimstughna Karana are very lucky. They violently pursue charitable work. They will get every type of contentment in their life. They also get quality education and lead a wealthy life. Panchanga means FIVE limbs. Beginning from Sunday and ending on Saturdy.

These Vaaram is decided by the SUN. The sun is the determinant of the Vaaram. Now we knows that the days are decided by the SUN. Vaaram is Agni Tattwam. Moon is a planet which travels over Nakshthirams. Suppose your birth star is Aswini, this means you were born when the Moon is travelling on Aswini Nakshathiram.

We can say these Nakshthirams as Lunar Mansion. Nakshathirams are decided by the MOON.

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We get Yogam by adding the Moon distance from the Sun. Yoga is Akash Tattwam. Thithi is the separating distance between the Sun and Moon. This is Jala Tattwam. It is watery element. Karanam gives Results. Karanam is earth element.

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Bhoomi Tattwam. A human body contains these five element. Ushnam Agni Tattwam is ruled by the Sun. Surya Air Vaayu Tattwam is ruled by the Moon. Chandra Space Akash Tattwam is ruled by the Jupiter. Brihaspati Water Jala Tattwam is ruled by Venus. Sukra Earth Bhoomi Tattwam is ruled by Mercury. After the union, God Shiva and Goddess Parvathy are separating. Due to the union, these couple got child. That is Karanam. It is Bhoomi Tattwam. Bhoomi Tattwam shows results. Those who study some Hindu astrology knows that the Karanam is the child of the Moon. As an example those who born on Shasti Thithis strugulle a lot throught their life.

Sasthi Thithi is the 6th Thithi. This six Thithi means fighting. Those who born on Sasthi Thithi has to fight a lot to achive their goals. Another Thithi is Ekadashi, the 11th Thithi. Eleventh is Rudra.

Vanija karana in astrology what rules

Rudra means fight. Those who born on this Thithi faces many obstacles in their life. Why we select a good Yogam day to wedding or an auspicious event? Yoga contains binding Tattwam. When a couple marry on a good Yogam day, these couple live very closely - intimately. Karana half lunar day is one of the main 5 Angas, 5 primary elements of Panchanga system. Right choice of a Karana plays an important role in the process of.

Kaulava is a Shubha benefic , moving Karana, ruled by Mitra whose name can be translated from sanskrit as "friend" and who's a patron of divinity, honesty. The first 7 Karans are known. Panchanga is used for almost every branch of Vedic astrology: natal, chart by rashi, conjunction and aspect will impact on the qualities expressed by.

Karana is the part of panchang and half of the tithi. Visit aznxihb. Karana is an important part of Pachang in astrology. The names of the eleven Karanas are: 1. Bava 2. Balava 3. Kaulava 4. Taitila 5. Gara 6.