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Tuesday is another great day, when your organizational powers are strong, so you can achieve anything you want, and with style to boot. The great vibes continue Wednesday, when the sun makes a fabulous trine to stable Saturn in your sign. Even though you are shooting for the stars right now, you have solid ground under your feet. A fabulous surprise could be in store Friday.

Just make sure to take care of your health rather than getting too carried away by the good times! Clever Mercury amps up your star power and charisma when it makes a wonderful sextile to powerful Pluto in your sign Sunday as well as on Tuesday, when alluring Venus, in your zone of fun and romance, connects with whimsical Neptune. Wednesday's super-positive trine between the sun and your ruler, pragmatic Saturn, will boost your intuition so you know which of many opportunities that are surfacing right now is the best.

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Friday is a sizzling day for love and sex when you could experiment outside of your comfort zone. On Sunday, use your keen powers of observation to get what you want. And on Tuesday, plant the seeds for something you want in your home life. If you want to find a new pad or reconnect with family, now is the ideal time to do it. A fabulous trine between the sun and pragmatic Saturn on Wednesday bodes very well for any groups or charitable endeavors in which you are involved.

It's also an amazing time to reconnect with friends.

What Your Sign's December Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Pay attention to a beautiful epiphany Friday. Sunday is a dream day to reconnect with friends and groups who support you. There is strength in numbers! On Tuesday, you could get a very lucky break, so don't be afraid to explore new territory creatively and seek inspiration everywhere. Wednesday's very positive trine between the sun and pragmatic Saturn will help you be practical about your goals as well as make a big impression on VIPs. Don't get too carried away with the good times this weekend; try to sneak in a gym class or a long walk outside.

On Sunday, a major career event could happen out of the clear blue sky! Be grateful to VIPs who are helping you out from behind the scenes.

'Scope your life.

There are some very promising financial aspects Tuesday but exercise restraint rather than indulging in instant gratification. Wednesday's trine between the sun in your sign and practical Saturn is truly one of your best days of the year to make a major decision. Spend time with friends this weekend; just don't overdue it with the partying. If Libra is being too lazy, or Aries is being too over the top, they have to be willing to call that out and talk about it, so that no one feels held back or overwhelmed.

Scorpio is psychic, private, intense, secretive, and have quite the detective mind, Barretta says, so they're happiest with a partner who isn't intimidated by that. Then there's Scorpio and Virgo. But they also have fun, deep conversations, too, which keeps the spark alive.

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Sagittarius is a sign that loves their freedom, so when it comes to marriage they look for a partner who won't hold them back. Funny enough, that often means they end up with another Sagittarius, Barretta says, since no one will understand the need for travel, adventure, and newness quite like them. Both of these signs are happy to commit, without threatening each other's freedom in anyway, which is why their marriage works.

As a reliable, serious, traditional, and goal-oriented sign, Barretta says Capricorn often ends up marrying Taurus, since both value structure and having a plan. They both want the same things in life, and can offer each other support. Cancer and Capricorn are also often drawn to each other "because they share a common interest in traditional values and family structure," she says. Both really want a stable home life, and the comfort that a routine can bring. For it to work, though, Capricorn will need to be sensitive to Cancer's feelings.

They have a tendency to be indifferent, Barretta says, but with enough communication this won't hold them back from having a good marriage. Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood signs, Phoenix says, which is why they're often happiest with another Aquarius.

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  • No one will get their quirkiness, or their need for freedom, quite like someone who feels the exact same way. It can result in a marriage where they feel like best friends, as well as partners. Gemini can also make a great long-term partner. To make it last, it'll be all about communicating and appreciating each other's quirks. And when it comes to lifelong partner, could you ask for anything more than that? Pisces is often lost in thought, and needs a partner who understands that. As Farrar says, "A good partner for them would be someone who can keep their feet on the ground and gently bring them back to earth when they may have lost their way.

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    This is why they also get along great with the grounded Scorpio. They can also create a bond with Aries, who is their opposite, Barretta says, but still understands what it's like to be sensitive and moody. Together, they can bring out each other's best traits. And there you have it. Some marriage matches based on your sign. Here is your horoscope for August 18, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

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