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The Tropical Zodiac begins every year with the Aries pseudo-constellation—or the Aries slice of the zodiac wheel—which is based on the position of the Sun at.
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This is for the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Zodiac Signs of the Horoscope and Their Meanings in Astrology

The chart is divided into twelve sections, and these are known as the houses. The houses begin with the Ascendant, at the middle left on the wheel. The numbers go up, as you move around the chart counter-clockwise. The Zodiac signs run counter-clockwise around the wheel.

What Is a Birth Chart?

This image shows the natural wheel with the Zodiac signs beginning with Aries at the Ascendant. Every chart begins at a different degree of the Zodiac and continues around the wheel. The chart is degrees around, so it's broken up into that number of Zodiac degrees.

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This image shows the degrees of the wheel. Each house has 30 degrees, and so does each Zodiac sign. This image shows the pie piece of 30 degrees that make up one house in the birth chart.

How to Read a Birth Chart: Identifying the Basic Components

This image shows the horizon line. To the left is the Ascendant, and to the right is the Descendant. The Ascendant is the degree of the sign rising on the Eastern horizon when you were born. The Rising sign is your outer personality cloak.

* Sun Sign Dates

But it's also the conduit through which you engage with the world. This is done not to result in the wrong Zodiac sign given in the result. Your Zodiac sign is the position of the sun in the Zodiac circle at the time of your birth, as seen from earth.

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That perspective is called geocentric. But of course, the earth moves around the sun, not the other way around. The diameter of the sun as seen from earth is half a degree, but its position is given for the center of it. That is why you should know not only your sign, but the degree within that sign. So, I hope you find this tool useful for your further understanding of astrology and the meaning of your Zodiac sign. There are countless Zodiac sign calculators on the world wide web, but many of them are not at all trustworthy. If you have used another calculator to ascertain your Zodiac sign, please consider the following:. Toggle navigation.

The Zodiac Sign Calculator

Zodiac Calculator Home Zodiac Calculator. What Zodiac Sign Am I? Get the answer with this Zodiac Calculator Are you sure about your Zodiac sign? Zodiac Calculator v2 If you are human, leave this field blank. We need your full date and time of birth to make accurate predictions.

Check your Zodiac Sign with precision! As a minimum, please enter your date and city of birth. The Calculator is most accurate if you also provide time of birth.

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  6. Tested The Zodiac sign calculator is based on contemporary astronomical formulas of celestial mechanics. If you have used another calculator to ascertain your Zodiac sign, please consider the following: Zodiac sign calculators that give no degree within the sign in the result are insufficient and often based on a simple table of mean Zodiac dates, with no consideration of leap years.