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You know that saying, where ever you go, there you are.

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Well Saturns a bit like that. LOL, that is what I have been reading but there can be some great benefits as you endure the race. I am oscallating Wildey between all three, is that normal?!! Some days I just want to become a hermit and cut off all modes of communication. Can you guess which house Saturn is transiting in my charts?! Do the stages matter by house or by sign?

What I mean is: I am sure I am experiencing the 3rd stage mostly. Saturn is saying get your 4th house issues sorted before the 5th stuff. I have the same re 6th and 7th. I have recently come to some personal understandings. You have some similar issues to me. I am very Water and Earth. I am fine with my 4th: 3 years have been very long and lonely. So I was hoping NOT to get a retrograde in 4th again.

Work and relationships very highlighted. Ha ha. I should have known. Yep, work and relationships. All good so far. I do though have that weird mannequin feeling. Having Saturn conjunct ya Dsc is so much fun. You know with my chart-ruling, bucket-handle, apex-in-a-yod Moon IN the 7th.

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A sideshow of horrors. Jup turning Rx less than a degree past my Natal. Having my 5th Jup Ret now. I am hating the retrograde already. Hell even Saturn in Saggo opposing my Saturn in Gemini went well. If you have built something solid, you might get even some recognition of some sort. My first SatRet was a breeze but then again Pluto was in Scorpio. It was a most amenable period. I had very no knowledge of da sky back then. His Venus on ya Nep, great…you take control. He could LZ you. Pluto cj your Moon and sq his Sun? Cancer vs Libra I guess. Going through my first Saturn return at 28 that kicked in when Saturn moved into Cap.

Very nervous!

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The return will just make it more so. Enjoy this time. After the adjustments Saturn makes there will be no stopping you.

A life of learning. Saturn now transiting my rising so years and years of dear father time nudging me. Self mastery? O for sure! Must say that Saturn does feel more comfortable in Cap that it did in Sagg where real or imagined restrictions and limits seemed to be in play. Time waits for no man….. Perhaps I should just stay with this….

Beginning just before my 30th — Divorce. Long distance relocation. New business.

Call Them Controlling And They’ll Schedule You Into Their Exit Strategy

New art. Health fetish. Self fetish. Self respect.

Much more than documents.

The shittiest best time ever. Worth it. Have fun folks. Second Saturn Return spot on! Today is about emotions, intuitions, feelings, inner world dwelling and connecting to the higher place within ourselves. To transform, to deepen, to heal— we must be calm and choose to actively surrender. Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing the end of life, when you know you're about to reemerge into non-physical, the place from which you came.

We can relate this to what is currently leaving our lives, for as we surrender to the next inevitable stage of our lives, we ease into it with flow and grace. We are stepping into the Aquarius age as Saturn enters Aquarius at the end of and Pluto follows after, in December of !


Tickets available at the nyopencenter website. Preparing for what's ahead As always, I am here to support you in every way that I can - feel free to reach out any time. Carrie McCormick Feeling grateful for what I have now, as things will change so much for everyone after Almost ready with the Calendar! Will be our in a few days!

Link in the bio. The Top 3 at the end will include Houston, St.